Rethinking Solar Power From the Ground Up

Edisun Microgrids' mission is to drive down the cost of solar energy to make clean power more affordable than fossil fuels.

Edisun's founder and CEO, Bill Gross, on our technology and the massive market opportunity

One of the tech world's iconic innovators explains how Edisun will help reinvent the energy industry as it rapidly shifts to a distributed customer-owned generation model.

The Energy Industry is Being Disrupted

Energy use is exploding. Large Power Users are becoming Large Power Producers. Grid 1.0 is shifting to Grid 2.0, a dynamic system driven by distributed energy resources and virtually aggregated microgrids.

This changes everything. Edisun's suite of patented clean technologies is focused on capturing, storing, and producing low cost energy to meet these demands.
Boost Solar Project Economics by 20%

Boost Solar Project Economics by 20%

PV Booster is a dual-axis tracker for commercial rooftops and solar carports that reduces the cost of solar PV.

According to the US Department of Energy, there are 50+ billion square feet of commercial / industrial rooftop and 100 billion square feet of parking lots in the USA alone that are still without solar — a $1 trillion opportunity.

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Solar Power at Night

Using solar for baseload generation requires expensive storage to produce power when the sun goes down. With its advanced capture, storage, and production technologies, Edisun is developing next-generation baseload power. Contact us for more info.

World Class Leadership

Founded by graduates of the California Institute of Technology, the company has introduced significant technological innovations.
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Bill Gross
Bill Gross
CEO Founder
Vikas Tuteja
Vikas Tuteja
Steve Schell
Steve Schell
VP, Engineering
Conrad Chase
Conrad Chase
VP, Sales and Business Development

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